We are like department stores!

YES_ we are like department stores. I say we have all kinds of stores. Some we need to have a sale-clearance out- or expand! I try to focus on what needs work and try to improve on that. Some takes more effort and lot of work. Some simply come natural.pexels-photo-279086.jpeg

Like “patience” that’s a huge store for me, needs a make over / revamp service. I have been working on that .

Being unkind– Store is CLOSED-

Listening– Its open 24 hours. problem I have is not to try and fix everyone simply listen.

Adventure-Umm, just had the grand opening! We are “NEW’ empty nesters”   learning all over again why you fell in love with your spouse. Keeping in mind needs and wants have changes!

Time- that store has hours. set hours mostly. I  set a side time for things. Like I work on certain days. Blog a few days a week. Exercise on certain days etc.  you don’t set boundaries with  your time line and mange it. It can easily slip away and not much is accomplished.pocket-watches-time-of-time-watches-51396.jpeg

Laughter-It has had a facelift. I can laugh at myself now- not be to serious. So that is working progress!

Learning– WOW that should be a franchise! HA HA- The older I get he less I know .So I believe its a good thing to keep learning. Although these kids seem to know so much more  then us (older crowd) with their smart phones in hand .Because they can google anything ya know-Except life experiences !!

Loving A total OVERHUL- The kind of LOVE you have ,show and experience as you become older. I used to believe if you LOVED what others do as much, you would be ok and possibly  “fit in” example like wearing clothes or listening to the music .things that we all love .As we become older, family,kids and life ,We grow out of that rather quickly. To Love  a spouse, a child, a passion for something you hold dear to you, that is another entire world  of LOVE. To Love another human being then yourself is a BIG DEAL. that one cant explain (not even google) for that matter. I believe we can LOVE things-  but being in Love and expressing Love is another ball game folks.

Time- I think I have closed one “time store” and reopened another ..With a deeper appreciation of what time means. You hear everyone needed more time. Rarely hear what we do in the time allowed. After losing my father in law this year. I freezed wanted time to stand still. Of course it doesn’t. He knew he only had time. We made that a time count. Family and the quality of life took front and center. It made us look at life through a new windshield. How precious time is to one. I guess that is where I reiterate- How do you want to spend your time ? through social media and with people you don’t know or even care about. People are so caught up in that these days- when they cant allow time for who is with them in the moment. I see that sadly when I go out for dinner. all the ember are on their phone, not talking to each other. It totally breaks my heart to see. I would give it all up to spend time with our loved ones that are not here with us. So I guess I am trying to make the most of it now. Life is not a rehearsal there are no do overs. 

What is your department stores- I would like to know ! Always up for another angle of topics! 


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Kitchen +Makeover = Budget

The kitchen is the ” heart” of the home ,at least for us.. When we purchased the silo,the kitchen was first up with a face lift. We needed the space to be functional and comfortable. Repurposing the cabinets were a must . Cabinets can be such an expenses, and take a big part of your budget. If you decide you are going to change out your cabinets ,always make sure you can re purpose the cabinets .Maybe in another room,or perhaps in the garage. Keep in mind a fresh cot of paint can give them a new life! Getting new cabinet’s were not in our budget .The cabinets we have were in good shape and well taken care of ,They just needed a fresh coat of paint! .We were on a mission -cabinet’s came out. a wall came down! I already had the vision of the wall opened up looking into the “new dining room .(that is no longer a bedroom) .The cabinets found a new home as a” island ” We took a field trip to find some new appliances. We are the couple who search the scratch and dent appliances. It helps cut cost and sticking to our budget. I was on a hunt for wall ovens..and a dishwasher. Never have had a dishwasher . that was was on the top of our list. Stainless is so overrated. A trip to sears-lowes and home depot. We always shop with cash. It keeps us in budget ! At sears we found a kitchen aid double oven in the scratch and dent isle! YES -SCORE

With reframing the new wall, dimensions didn’t matter, we can build around them. Of course I am a sucker for a story, sales lady told us a lady from Pennsylvania special ordered them and didn’t like them. So NO scratch or DENT . The B E S T part. they were $3200, Now $900. We said SOLD! The stove top was on sale too! Little did we know when we purchased them we got a $50 coupon for another appliance. Well- I found a kitchen aid dishwasher, GUESS WHAT- it was a floor model from the yr before.! SCORE again. It was black and was the most quiet dishwasher on the market. and was black ( I didn’t really care because I don’t even have one ) .Price was $1200 for $500. and a $50 coupon again! YES— you can stand next to it and not even know it is running .So I would buy this again for that reason!! We found a refrigerator, with coupon . Our budget was running thin. When we got our kitchen appliances. We had to have a dyer. I am not fussy about them matching. With $200 left in our pocket. We were worried. After back in forth at the other stores. No luck. We still had a $50 coupon at sears to use. The sales lady share and suggested we come back over the weekend .The washer and dryers would go on sale. It was a inconvenience. but we would make it work. Sure it would be easy to go splurge and get whatever. But our point of this move was to retire in a few years and save UP! We ran to sears that Sunday after church. and a dryer was $249 . We thought for that price if it went bad in a few years we ould be out a few hundred not several hundred. Besides I hang our clothes out, except when its cold out. .With my coupon,we came in at $200 just paid the extra for the tax. So SEARS was a success!! .Mission accomplished! Next up-Countertops. AGAIN granite is overrated. We so do not care to be in that circle of “What everyone else is doing” We really wanted soapstone. ,after looking at he price that wasn’t goin to happen. Real butcher-block (thank you Lowes) was goin to be on the island ( main cooking apace) Our 2nd option was concrete countertops. Of course we knew nothing on them. Knowing my dad was a wiz the masonry -youtube and the power to make it work. We GOT THIS! Dad and hubby got busy! Turned out perfect and all the countertops were done under $50. Best part my guys did them, unique and cheap!! All of those things are top rated in my book! SUCCESSFUL! So many people have asked about them, I could probably sub contract my dad out for work. He seems to think different on that idea ! ha The last challenge was how to cover the island and walls on a budget! That was my very own touch & project. I went to the garage and discovered I had all this lath left from dumpster diving. I had a “boat load”. Our son had most of the nails pulled out on most of it. As I started to put that up around the he island and above the sink . .my mother n law painted our cabinets. Kitchen took shape quickly! Staying in budget & repurpose was the main goal! We DID IT!! YEAH US!!

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Help scatter- KINDNESS- say it with a tee-shirt!

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My launch has begun!     Many fun things are taking place . Our tee-shirts are getting noticed .The Market Place is caring our shirts!  . It is pleasant to hear others share those thoughts also – YES- replace negativity with KINDNESS- that is one of our goals when we set out for our faith based  business adventure. I just can’t comprehend how people feel good about themselves when they are negative ,unhappy, and frowning upon everything. Life tends to run a bit smoother when smiles-cheer- and JOY is shared with others!  That is what Freckled Finch is about! Throw kindness around ! Our sweet models  helped us out!

Head over to freckled-finch.com to order your shirt & help spread JOY! you can goto @freckled-finch.com for more info


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Details Count

It is the little details that can stand out. I found these adorable silo canisters to keep with the theme.

When I saw these chairs at Target I knew they called my name !(since I have a collection of birds) Not only do they add a bit of color to the room but  they are very comfortable too .That is a WIN- WIN! Don’t be afraid to sprinkle a little color in a room!

Our barn door has to be one of my favorite “Love” pieces my sweet hubby made in our home! Repurposed barn wood (of course) to give it that little detail, Just added the “Love ” sign to give it an extra detail!


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Happy Saturday friends- been a while. I have been walking most mornings with a friend at our local Walmart.Usually for an hour or so. During our walk I look around I see People do not seen to want to take care of themselves. As few days passed, I really started to take notice, even at other places I had been. ~Its everywhere~ Woman don’t seem to want to get dressed, what is it about being in  your PJ’s all day? or they don’t even comb their hair.Men are about equal, crack hangs out, belly showing- do not seem to shave in days, maybe weeks…Its so sad. I am not sure I understand how its hard to take care of yourself. Even growing up our grandmas,never wore jeans, maybe applied lipstick before goin out. Always looked nice and neat.Even if they didn’t have two nickels to rub together.  I have to say my mom is 70 and she is always taken such great care of herself. I tell others  if I could look half as good as her I would be proud. I have defentily followed her example in how to be presentable. Sure even when my friend and I walk we have fixed our hir- we are nice and neat-. Why is it so hard to comb our hair ,tuck your shirt in or at least wear one that fits,? When you feel good about yourself, you can be positive-upbeat. Ready to get on with your day. It makes me sad that these young ladies aren’t even 20 and look 40

What is it grown woman trying to act like their in  high school again? Does it make you feel young? When I see a mother daughter its like they seem to want to be sister’s instead. I am not sure you agree but I lived high school years once, Don’t care to revisit them!  Wearing there sleeves rolled up- the knot in the shirts the headbands are especially the worst. Come on ladies. -Your not 16 again.Men, how do you think you appear to anyone when you wear the black socks to the calves and basketball shorts, cut off shirts. Your 40 for goodness sakes. Are you looking for a younger woman or have you just not accepted your 40?

Your poor ladies- of many ages. WHy WHy WHy do you wear the shortest shorts imaginable? When you put them on -ask yourself would you like to see your daughter-mothers grandma-even dad wearing them. EXACTYLY- What makes you think we want to see that-? Leave something to the imagination. What gets me they are digging  the shorts out of their *!%*” while walking – .   &  to believe parents allow them to wear  around like that. .Shame on you- There is nothing wrong with cut off , but when but cheeks and whatever hangs out- No that’s not- so much ok- Be tasteful, PLEASE

I tell you- take pride in yourself .Look the part at the age you are. Quit trying to look like your in high school .Clearly your NOT. Wear a shirt -that fits.Certain people don’t want see your  belly hanging out.  Please shave- Would you want us ladies going a week or month without shaving- EXACTLY- Keep the PJ’s for bedtime folks. When you look good you feel good- Take care of yourself!

Hello friends~ We are cleaning the silo out to have a H_U_G_E silo sale! Gathering my junk and LETTING GOOOOO of some things. Called upon a few friends to join me! My hubby is excited about grilling hot dogs and watching  people pick through things!  Now I need to start pricing .I hope I don’t loose site and stay focused of getting rid of some things. Because when you have a ton of stuff to sift through it can be daunting and I don’t want  to just throw a price on it to hurry this process along. So I need to do things in steps.How sad is this- I AM A CHAIR AHOLIC I need help people. There is just something about chairs that talk to me. I have over 30 to get rid of .HELP I say! ( or my husband says help her) haha  Its a sickness!!

When you see others come and want to buy and collectors come and share their stories its AWESOME. (not gona lie) Always great to see others &  be able to connect with people that share your passion! Of course I am a SUPER sucker for a story! The biggest thing I have to do is keep in mind, when our friends bring their stuff, well I need to NOT look and turn my head. Point is to get  rid of things. (ha) that of course is a bit of a stretch of the imagination. we are always buying one another’s treasures. Fingers Crossed for good weather and happy hunters!!

Finally -after months of putting it all together ~Freckled Finch is born and has arrived! Couldn’t be more pleased! Spreading & Sprinkling KINDNESS is our Goal~ Kindness DOES matter & we need more of it.One of many ways is to express it with a tee- shirt! I wear our shirts very often.When someone ask about it or mention they LOVE my shirt & ask . I share the story and see a smile! That is rewarding!

Here is a sneak peak ~Thanks to our sweet~friends-family models. Could not of done this without them! Thanks to them for making it come together for means making this happen!! xx

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We are certainly spoiled with the beautiful sun rises & sunsets.


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Every evening we are sitting down to eat our meal and there is the sun setting and we pause and I usually run out to get a pic! Like- I wish we could freeze frame it.  My husband leaves at 4 am for work so he doesn’t get the pleasure of snatching up the sunrise until the weekend.

What a treat. Gods beautiful masterpiece. We had some friends in for dinner last night, they live in the big city, she sat at the window and was in complete Awe- Says we don’t get to see those. If feels like a short pause of a therapy session without words. I was a bit sad that they don’t get to see them, I felt sorry they don’t get that experience. Then it came to me how spoiled we are. Its the little things! I cant wait til this Ohio weather turns warm and we can sit outside by the camp fire and be spoiled every night!! To hang our laundry out and catch a glimpse of the sunrise. GREAT  way to start & end your day!  Count the happies y’all!img_20171026_1853206117866001408172116.jpgimg_20180125_173446-15077119537412981346.jpg  ***************SOOOOOO SPOILED************

Good Morning friends!-I am pumped up my brochure/magazine is arriving today!!My t-shirts are selling! Throwing some kindness and sharing uplifting message with others is  a POSTIVE thing- In the crazy world we live in -I believe it’s a small step in that direction. We need more positive and happy thoughts. Saying with a tee- shirt is just one way! Be KIND Y’ALL  Super soft can be worn anywhere tee’s  Thanks to my wonderful models to help spread the ‘happies” and allowing me to make this happen!


Valentines Day/Hallmark Day

heart-cord-suspended-love-160836.jpegThis is an easy one for me ,Never have I been caught up in Valentines day. When I met my husband 30 yrs ago ,we both had the same outlook .We are not  in favor of having a day on the calendar tell us to “do something special for our loved one”  we do those things throughout the year. I cant get over the money people spend on flowers-candy -cards due to the fact a date  on a calendar  reminds you to ” (No wonder hallmark stays in business. ) be nice-do something sweet” for  your lover!  I hear the men chatter ” I get points” Points- I respond to can you imagine how many points you can get if you did it more often?  I do get quite the look -for sure. 

Even though it may not be much to some people. I do little things like put gas in the car- (although he is old school & does it for me ) or clean his car out -little love notes in the lunch box- tuck a little scratch off ticket in his pocket. He spoils me too with the little things , when he makes me a cup of coffee on the weekends, he stops by the store to pick up some cheese and crackers  maybe some shrimp ,surprises us   to watch a movie. I certainly don’t mind when he picks up the table & does dishes , after a big family meal- that is wonderful-. What I love the most is when he comes home & wants to hear all about my day!  Not to mention we have date night weekly! I feel like its “valentines day” throughout the year. We try to stay on the same page and in tune with one another.pexels-photo-248016.jpeg

We have some friends that place so much pressure on each other when 2-14 comes around. They are not even sure what the other wants.  Or make a announcement to everyone on how much they spend-like what does that mean? Do you just hand them a $100 bill and tell everyone? WOW- that’s special. To this day friends ask us-What did you get?  Same as last year,  nothing- we don’t get all hype that you get. Still a perplexed look appears on their face -like they are surprised.  To each his own I reckon. Putting pressure on your relationship can cause a strain . Do things because you want to do so. We have enough people telling us what to do- like the bank ( make a payment)- pay your utilities’ -your  boss- kids (ha)  school activities- those are dates on the calendar., this shouldn’t be one too. Love your sweetie & show them everyday! pexels-photo-273026.jpeg

with this Ohio weather -I am totally ready for a few road trips! We been  making list  & exploring options! Taking on a new chapter in our life.No longer do we need have a certain time line with  being new empty nesters!pexels-photo-62279.jpeg

Fall is our favorite time of the year-pretty-crisp cool air and those fall colors are the BEST!  Spring is around the corner. We are taking turns on mapping out our whereabouts! I have always wanted to see the tulip festival in Holland! (Michigan)  Keeping in mind only 1 week the festival takes place! To see all the 3 million colorful tulip’s and a new city seems to a good start! We have family about 30 mins away so its a 2 in 1 visit!! 

pexels-photo-722024.jpegMy hubby choose a place we have enjoyed,” Topsail “l.One of the most beautiful-low crowd simple way of life in the Carolinas! We are “those people” who like to hog the quiet and take in the sounds of the ocean. Maybe read a book-take a nap- walk on the beach! Hubby is set on staying at a mom  & pop place in Topsail that feels like home .   Sea shell picking -here we come!

I have been checking out the little favorite hidden gems to visit! Galena Illinois is looking like a quick trip or  Apostle Islands Wisconsin’s Blue Lake around San Juan mountains Colorado looks like something out of a magazine! .Maybe  take a dip in the Blue hole in Morgantown WV. The chapel in Bella Vista Arkansas  seems a peaceful place, photo taking paradise! Awww so many places to see! Any thoughts or tidbits are welcome.! We are not crowd people, Please keep that in mind! Just for   a long weekend trip! We have our week-long ones already scheduled!pexels-photo-297642.jpeg

Listening to the radio & Garth Brooks song comes on . It made me smile- So many of us are not sure how to. There is so much to smile about. Maybe we overlook that. A smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear-If you ask me) . A smile can make a person who isn’t haven’t the best of days, smiling could be just what they needed. Its be gracious, friendliness, to look happy and hopefully can be contagious. .

Laughing is some of the best medicine. Relationship’s * MUST *require laughing or its doomed. Laughing at yourself is certainly a good thing. I catch myself laughing about the smallest things. My hubby and I been watching “Better late then never” talk about laughing, We have tears comes down . Those men are having so much fun’ We LOVE it. They don’t care if people are laughing at them , they just want to make others laugh!! pexels-photo-54204.jpeg

Laughing can always be a distraction to something you may be struggling with. That is OKAY! Have you ever found yourself in that situation that is “awkward” and we laugh? Why is that? I reckon because we are not so sure what to do. My husband is really good at that. Me= I just don’t say much or change that subject. Our cousin that we cant wait to hear her laughing, it’s the BEST, its genuine and has this crackle to it ( that is hard to describe,) snorting even takes place. But she makes all of us split our side. I am a definitely a fan of the belly laugh that makes your stomach hurt . Those are the best! This friend of ours – when she begins a story and starts laughing ,doesn’t stop . We tend to get bits and pieces of her story, So we never do hear the full tale she is sharing. But listening to her makes it worth it!

Our cousin Terri- Love her laugh!! 


If each of us took a minute of the day and find something to laugh about or with .I almost bet we can see more smiles = happy people . That’s a good thing!

Laugh away friends! Give a smile that is contagious!

Growing up camping was some of the best memories. Going different places, meeting new people. Adventure I guess. When my hubby and I met we shared our different stories of camping. He and I went and started our own memories!  When we started a family we took them. We had tents, campers of all sorts. As the kids got older ,camping seem to fade away with all the school activities and jobs they had. A few years ago we bought a camper and our son ( junior in hs) and off we went. The smell of a camp fire is something I LOVE- the campfire foods, fishing, and simply  relaxing.fire-cooking-outdoors-camping.jpg

Is it relaxing. I mean lets face it, you have “to set up” bring firewood, food, bikes make the beds up and on and on. Just like being at home I’d say. YES- when you sit around the fire  and catch up ,unwind and surrounded by others enjoying themselves. Families making memories. Awww, my heart fills up  when I see kids playing, family at the picnic tables! 

We sold our camper last summer, with plans to “upgrade” if you will. But we lost my father n law, our daughter got married and son left for college. So wasn’t at the top of our priority list. But now back on track we have been looking and hoping by spring to be the owner of a camper! I wana  go Glamping thou With being empty nesters, we can go anywhere,  not having to be close to home incase our son is working and wants to join us. We have the ability to travel and see as much as we can. Explore new places. 

Mostly to sleep in our own beds and eat our own food! But to have the best of both worlds. Sorta like a mini vacation. Basically instead of a hotel we stay in our camper. Sure we will have the camp fire, but  unwinding and relaxing  is making our memories in new places. .We already have a few places in mind- So wish us luck we find  one sooner than later! 

I like the unexpected,. Everyone tends to get caught up in the “trend” that will go away next year. I like to have timeless pieces, sprinkle of bold yet beautiful. Buy some history at an antique mall or shop,Maybe a flea market. I buy a few of those, I mostly have family pieces with rich history . Try color.make a statement. rather its an accent wall. a sofa or chair.Maybe the pillows. Plus those are easier to change.by using a blank or pale backdrop its easy to add the color. Embrace it, don’t be afraid. Style- choose your style kinda of like an outfit. or make up .sometimes just adding lipstick can be a nice POP. maybe jeans & white shirt but a colored scarf or sweater can pull it together. I am a total sucker for history and a story so my style would be just that .i want it to tell a story and have sense of comfortable. Just like a comfy old pair of jeans.I am so drawn to things that say put your feet up! No to DONE- when a room is DONE .its OVER a dead room. Swap out picture frames, pillows, a throw, new rug, maybe flowers or a new lamp .Bring it to life again. Just like we may get a new hair do or we ad highlights maybe have our nails painted boldly/ Its the same thing when decorating. Your never finished or DONE! Sparkle- We all love al little sparkle. Like jewelry. I am not too fancy. just a sprinkle. By adding a vintage vase with flowers. Maybe a light fixture. Perhaps even cover a footstool in fuzzy fur .It adds warmth to the room. and its a quick fix! I made to shams for these pillows using an animal print.! A signature stamp- Mine is add a bird to e ach room or project. With our last name as Finch .I collect birds. Everyone should have a signature stamp. Outside the lines. I prefer to color outside the lines. I take pieces and turn them into a different use for them. No boring here. That’s what makes thing’s unique and hidden details that make a big statement. People say WOW I didn’t think of that. It gets their wheels a turning. For example I used a old barn door for a table top. I needed to add length onto the table. So I stripped the door down ,paint and ta-da! SURPRISE- Call attention to the unpredictable small detail. In this case I did it with a vintage golf club.as a curtain rod. Our son plays golf at college .So I wanted to incorporate that into his room Repurpose- if at all possible reuse and repurpose. Rather you add a clip cover .Make new pillow shams. In this room I reused flowers from our daughters wedding. To remind us of that day. of course I used a concrete vase to stay with the theme of our concrete house! Treasures- We all have special pieces and maybe not sure how to display them.I do that with several items. In this case I wanted to display all my grandmas baking ribbions she had won. I placed them in a glass canister my brother got us for a wedding gift. Along sits a scoop my hubbys grandma had. In our hutch I wanted to share our nans pic. she was the glue of this family. we miss her everyday. so when we walk by and see it it is a lovely reminder .The glasses were my father n laws that we lost a few months ago. So many stories with his glasses. Wanted a little piece of him to share as well. Of course my signature bird !00000portrait_00000_burst201801191008291988976714231616468778.jpg

Maybe these little tips will be helpful. Don’t be afraid to clear a room our .rearrange and have fun with you fun finds!

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